Gratis is the plural ablative form of the first declension noun "gratia" in Latin and used as an adjective in various Romance and Germanic languages (like Spanish, Portuguese, German, Swedish and Dutch) meaning "for nothing," in the sense that one does not have to pay for some good or service (free of charge), even though the good or service has value.


  • Echte Musik - This-Typen von ringtones sind die letzte Hinzufügung zum jemals Wachsen ringtone Industrie, fähig zum Spielen wirklicher Musik einschließlich der Vokale mit allen Instrumenten. Freie Musik ringtones wird auch als mp3 ringtones, echte oder Audiotöne genannt, und kann in den folgenden Formaten gefunden werden: MP3, WAV, QCP, oder AMR.
  • Polyphon - ist Ein polyphoner ringtone einem monoakustischen Ton ähnlich, in dem es nur eine ton-gegründete Kopie eines Liedes spielen kann, jedoch ist ein polyphoner ringtone zum Spielen komplizierterer Musik fähig.
  • Monoakustisch - ist Das der alte Typ von ringtone, Töne werden nur ein in der folglich monoakustischen Zeit gespielt.

Umsonst ringtones suchend, ist der beste Platz anzufangen jene beweglichen sich teilenden Gemeinschaften und Foren. Sie können ringtones finden, ohne, alles zahlen zu müssen, dass es nimmt ist eine Mitgliedschaft, die auch natürlich frei ist. Da der ganze bewegliche Inhalt verfügbar hier vom Mitglied selbst geladen wird, ist es ein gutes Ding, nach Gemeinschaften und Foren mit Mitgliedern zu suchen, die dasselbe Interesse wie Sie teilen, können Sie nach indischen Foren oder Gemeinschaften suchen.

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Ringtones Types

  • Real Music - This types of ringtones are the latest addition to the ever growing ringtone industry, capable of playing actual music, including the vocals with all instruments. Free music ringtones are also called as mp3 ringtones, audio or real tones, and can be found in the following formats: MP3, WAV, QCP, or AMR.
  • Polyphonic - A polyphonic ringtone is similar to a monophonic tone in that it can only play a tone-based copy of a song, however a polyphonic ringtone is capable of playing more complex music.
  • Monophonic - This is the old type of ringtone, tones are only played one at time hence monophonic.

When searching for free ringtones, the best place to start are those mobile sharing communities and forums. You can find ringtones without having to pay, all it takes is a membership which of course is also free. Since all the mobile contents available here are uploaded by member themselves it is a good thing to search for communities and forums with members that share the same interest as you, you can search for indian forums or communities.

Top Cellular Carriers in Germany:

T-Mobile - One of the world’s leading companies in mobile communications, T-Mobile International is one of Deutsche Telekom’s three strategic business units, T-Mobile concentrates on the most dynamic markets in Europe and the United States. Established in December 1999, it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom.

Vodafone - The Vodafone Group is a mobile network operator based in Newbury, Berkshire, England, UK. is the world's leading mobile telecommunications company, with a significant presence in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and the United States through the Company's subsidiary undertakings, joint ventures, associated undertakings and investments. Currently the company has an equity interests in 25 countries and Partner Networks in a further 39 countries. Vodafone derives it's name from Voice data fone, to "reflect the provision of voice and data services over mobile phones.

O2 - Or Telefónica O2 is a European telecommunications company delivering both fixed and mobile communication products. Telefónica is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world in terms of market capitalisation. The company has a significant presence in 23 countries and a customer base of 218 million worldwide.

E-Plus Germany - With 15.0 million subscribers as of 2007, E-Plus is the third largest mobile operator in Germany, after T-Mobile and Vodafone. E-Plus was the first company to introduce i-mode in Germany, when the other operators did not yet offer MMS.

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