The use of Smartphones is no longer limited to calling and texting. You can do a lot more things with it. You can even pay your bills using Smartphone and use it as your digital wallet. You store most of your private information on it. It is, therefore, important that you keep it safe at all times. Here are some tips that will help you in keeping smartphones safe.

1. Set a password

Studies have indicated that more than one-third of Smartphone users don’t use passwords to lock their screens. They only rely on the default ‘unlock’ feature of the device. It’s easy for people to sneak into your personal information. You should lock your phone with a strict password. Some gadgets now have facial recognition or voice unlocking options. You can use those as well.

2. Only install trusted apps

If you don’t install apps from trusted app stores, then there is high chance that your phone might be affected with malware and viruses. So, hackers can easy steal your information. You can trust app stores like Google Play, Apple iTunes, Amazon Appstore and Microsoft’s Windows Store. There is a ‘verify apps’ option on your phone. You should check that option.

3. Don’t let advertisers track you

Advertisers are always following you and the phone providers are also helping them. But by doing so, they are also exposing you to possible hackers. There are settings in your Smartphone, which lets you stop your provider from finding your physical location. It will prevent them from selling your whereabouts to the advertisers.

4. Enable your wiping and remote location

You can suddenly lose your Smartphone, or a thief might steal it from you. Most of these gadgets now have ‘kill switches’ that makes it tough for thieves to wipe or resell them. There are also tracking apps that let you locate your phone when you lose it. These apps will also let you clean your sensitive information from a remote location. So, if your phone gets into the wrong hands, you won’t have to worry.

5. Use public Wi-Fi systems wisely

Free public Wi-Fi systems are good, but there is a dangerous side to it also. Hackers can easily steal your information when you are on a public network. So, you should never do any banking or shopping without a private network system.
Now you can also find much online security software which you can install to protect your Smartphone. Hackers are smart enough to attack any platform; so you should always be careful in using your Smartphone.