It has become a trend that every year lots of FPS games will be released. This frequent release makes it doubtful whether there is much innovation in the new releases or not. But gamers don’t complain much, as they get to experience new excitement every year. Here are the best games of this year.



It is a long-awaited sequel to the famous FPS. The single player elements will attract those who want to attack demons which rampage through the Martian structures. There are some significant changes on the multiplayer elements which will be a surprise to many. Doom is indeed one of the most anticipated games this year.

Infinity Ward’s Call Of Duty


You can expect more Modern Warfare action is this sequel. The game will be of super high quality; there is no question about that. It is one of the biggest releases of this year.

Homefront: The Revolution


This game puts us into an alternate future where Korea occupies America. The Koreans are more technologically advanced, and a Guerrilla warfare begins to take the homeland back. In the sequel, you will find yourself heading to Philadelphia. You will have fun driving dirt bikes across the blasted cityscape and using explosives, remote controlled cars, drones, etc.



It has many different play styles that reflect the large cast of character from Heroes OfThe Storm. Gamers will spend a lot of hours with this exciting game this year.

Battlefield 2016


The game will take you to a war zone rather than in a city with a crime secret. Not much is revealed about the storyline yet, but it is expected to be as exhilarating as before.

You will find something different in each of these games. So, make yourself ready to enter the battlefields and test your shooting skills.